1. No:

Shooting guns, fireworks, throwing rocks, metal wire, and tinsel wire or flying kites etc. on power lines or substations, because they can cause dangerous situations such as: direct contact between wires, discharge, broken wire etc.

 2. No:

Installation of antennas, clotheslines, construction scaffold, light boxes, billboards or objects once falling, collapsing can cause collision to works of high-voltage grids.

 3. When rain storm, lightning:

- Going outdoor should be limited to avoid fallen trees, broken power lines.

- Do not touch power poles, power poles ligaments, grounding wire in the electric poles, electric cubicles, circuit breaker cubicles etc. to prevent electric shock due to electric leakage.

 4. Do not breach safe discharge distance:

When people, vehicles and construction vehicles and machines work near lines, substations must not breach the following distances (minimum distance between people, vehicles, tools and lines, electric equipment):

- For 15 kV medium voltage line, substation: 2 meters

- For 110 kV high-voltage line of: 4 meters;

- 220 kV high-voltage line (220,000 V): 6 meters;

- High-voltage line 500 kV (500,000 V): 8 meters.

 5. Do not:

Set up tent, shops, buildings with walls and roof made of combustible materials below the power line, substation.

 6. Plants near electrical works:

- Do not let tree branches, vines breach safe distance for power lines and substations.

- When cutting trees or branches near power lines, substations to prevent falling trees or branches from touching power lines, substations to make broken lines or discharge causing accidents and damages to electric equipment.

 7. No:

Intentionally remove structure of electric works such as wires, braces, anchor rope, grounding line etc.

 8. Substation: 

- For substation with walls, fences (room substation, substations with fence): do not break into the substations.

- Substations located on power poles (substations on scaffold, one-pole substation, combined-pole substation, hung substations): do not intentionally climb up power poles.

 9. No:

- Tie buffalos, oxen, cattle and boats etc. to power poles.

- Use works of high-voltage grid with different purposes without agreement with high-voltage grid management unit.

 10. Upon detecting fallen poles, broken wires:

- The detector does not approach and he/she must announce everyone around that.

- Find ways to set up fences and call the emergency phone number 08 2230.2230 for treatment by the power sector.


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