1. In daily residential life:

- Completely turn off electric equipment from power source when not in use, not let standby mode.

- Should  use of energy-saving light such as compact fluorescent light, fluorescent thin light, LED, etc. with lifetime and energy saving equal 5 times of incandescent lamps.

- Limit use of electrical devices with high power consumption such as: water heater, electric stove, and iron in the period from 18:00 to 22:00.

- Set proper temperature, when using the air conditioner, 250C in daytime, 270C in nighttime; regular hygiene for air conditioner will save energy by 5-7%. Limit door open when using air conditioners and refrigerators.

 2. In manufacture, business and services:

- Use capacity and chart registered in power purchase contract, have reasonable electricity use methods, limit use of large capacity during peak hours: from 09 : 30 to 11: 30, and from 17:00 to 20:00.

- Implement reasonably arranging measures production shifts to save power.

- Turn off electrical equipment and lights during lunch breaks between shifts production, limit no-load equipment. Use fans instead of air conditioner in large workshops.

- Replace protection light by energy-saving compact lights or high performance lights; reduce number of lights in signs, large billboards and turn off after 22:00.


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