Televisions: Do not let the too bright screen mode to save power. Do not turn off the TV with the remote control but turn off by pressing the button on TV. Do not watch TV while being connected to the video. Select TV’s size suitable to the area of your house because the bigger TV, the more power consumed.

To save energy in family, you should carry out the followings:

 1. Select energy-saving devices to save power:

For electric devices, new generation devices can save more power than the old ones. When choosing electric rotating equipment (pumps, electric fans, washing machine ...), you should select motors with many speed tap or inverter to save electricity. For the light, you should use thin and compact fluorescent lights instead of incandescent bulbs because the bulbs consume electricity by 3-4 times.

2. Reasonable, scientific installation of equipment:

This measure also contributes to huge power savings. For example, pumps which are placed in proper position will help your tank filled more quickly. Indoor wall should be painted with brightly color; natural light should be utilized to save a part of the light power.

3. Adjustment of using habit of electrical appliances in home:

Refrigerator: limit door open to reduce power consumption. The temperature inside the refrigerator should be in mode of 3 - 60C, with the frozen mode of -15oC to -18oC. If temperature is colder 100C, additional 25% power will be consumed. You should also regularly check rubber gaskets, if the leaking parts of the refrigerator compressor will have to work a lot so it uses less power.

Air conditioner: Set above 20 Celsius degrees. 10 Celsius degrees higher save 10% power. If you regularly clean the filter, it will save between 5-7% electricity. If you put the machine away from the wall you will save 20-25% energy. If you are out of your house for 1 hour or more, turn off the air conditioner.

Fan: set fan at the proper speed to save power because the faster fan runs, the more power consumed. Remember to unplug the remote control at the fans after each use.

Computers: If computer monitors have higher brightness, more bold colors, the more power is consumed. So turn off your computer if you do not intend to use within 15 minutes. Please select the power save mode in the PC (Screen Save) to both protect the machine and reduce about 55% of power consumption during use pause (down-time).

Iron: Do not use table in a room with turned-on air conditioner or when clothes are still wet. Cleaning the metal surface of the iron make it work more efficiently. After unplugging, you can also iron 2 sets of clothes because the iron is slowly decreasing temperature.

Washing machine: Only use the washing machine when there are sufficient clothes to wash and hot water wash mode is only used when absolutely necessary.

 Microwave oven: Do not turn on microwave oven in the room having air conditioner. Do not put it near other electrical appliances to avoid affecting these electrical appliances.

(Source : LE DINH DUONG (

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