Smart grid application in central power corporation
Updated on 13/11/2013

Smart Grid is a pilot solution in many places in the world for power management from manufacture, transmission, distribution to the end-customers. The solution of applying advanced digital technologies to the network allows two-way smart link and real-time information coordination between the power generator/power distribution source and demand of the terminal equipment (for the customers) with the biggest goal of energy-saving and efficient use.

In Vietnam, the government has issued the Decision No. 1670/QD-TTg dated 08 November 2012 approving the roadmap of smart grid development with the objective of improving power supply quality and reliability; contributing to power demand management, encourage power use safety and effectively; making conditions for labour productivity improvement, investment demand decrease on developing sources and power network; boosting effective exploitation of energy natural resources, ensuring national defence, taking part in environment protection and sustainable socio-economical development.


Roadmap of implementation smart grid in EVNCPC

With many tasks for smart grid application, EVNCPC has built roadmap for smart grid development the first stage for 10 years through the Decision No. 1795/QD-EVNCPC dated 24 April 2013, focused on 4 components:

- Component of metering system automation for power sale:

EVNCPC has laid down as a policy to invest electric meters since 2013, replace mechanical meters with electric meters integrated function of AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) data collecting; exploit and use the data from metering system effectively for customer serving, manufature and business management; implement step by step with AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) to control power demand of customers in 2022 which is a foundation of key energy use.

With almost 3 million power users, it is extremely necessary for metering system automation which will be focused for implementation in the future.

- Component of distribution network automation for optimizing power network and improving power supply reliability:

In term of 110kV power network automation, since 2013, all new 110kV substations have been equipped with computerized control model; current 110kV substations will be upgraded to this model step by step. These substations will connect to the Operation – Dispatch Center of Power Companies (PCs), operate with semi-duty scheme and ensure readiness to transfer to automation scheme in 2022. EVNCPC will also build a General Supervision Center of the Corporation.

In term of MV network automation: From 2013 to 2016, EVNCPC will complete SCADA/DMS system invested in PCs (Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Dak Lak) to monitor, control switching remotely equipment in the network. In the next period from 2017 to 2022 SCADA/DMS system will be invested in the remaining PCs to finish SCADA/DMS system investment by 2022.

- Component of building power telecommunication system and information technology infrastructure:

EVNCPC will develop telecommunication system with optical transmission network connecting from the Corporation to all PCs, District Branches (DBs), Central Grid Company (CGC), all substations and power plants belonging to EVNCPC’s management areas. EVNCPC has intended to invest OPGW fiber optic cable in 110kV line constructions, making backup circuit and supplement equipment for transmission nodes, ensuring interprovincial telecommunication network at the end of 2013 as a basement for developing interdistrict telecommunication network in 2015. In addition to investment activities, EVNCPC has also exchanged telecommunication infrastructure with partners for strong owned telecommunication network and highly redundant.

EVNCPC has been carrying out to establish Data Center in the Corporation, ensuring the capacity of centralized processing data collection from remote areas, customer management database and other software programs of CPC and other subsidiaries with high safety, reliability, confidentiality and redundant.

EVNCPC has built step by step Call Center system for information exchange and problem solving with the customers.

EVNCPC has been equipped with application software of 3 groups including: customer serving software (EVNCPC Portal integrated information source; hotline, SMS service, information seeking, payment with bank service, payment by electric invoices, etc.); Software of manufacture business serving and management (materials management information system, finance management information system, fixed asset management information system – FMIS, human resource management information system, Website (, Mail online (, E-Office program, power network management program, planning investment management system, power trading inspection system…); software of competitive power market (automation data collection of electric metering system, Meter Data Management System to collect data from meter in border areas, large customers, generators; 110kV substation metering data and operating data will be helpful for business and technical management.

- Component of new energy and renewable energy integration:

EVNCPC has researched solutions to connect directly to new and renewable energy such as small hydroelectricity power, wind power, solar energy, etc installing decentralized at households and factories into distribution network; having ability to exchange two-way between PCs and customers, beginning implementation pilot program of power integration from wind and solar energy to develop new and renewable energy for the network.

Even though there are remarakable advance of smart grid application in EVNCPC, many tasks still need to be implemented to build completed smart grid system, in which the most important factor is selecting appropriated technology solutions leading to success. EVNCPC is concentrating all sources to develop smart grid system, meeting request of improving network operation and management becoming effective and reliable.

EVNCPC is willing to coorperate with all partners for the purpose of mutual developments and benefits.


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