Corporate Profile

EVNCPC trive for stable power supply, improved customer services, positive contribution to socio- economic development in Central and Highlands areas.


Central Power Corporation (abbreviated as EVNCPC) formerly known as Power Company No.3, founded on the 7th of October 1975, is as member of Vietnam Electrcity (EVN). The operation fiels of the corporation are quite various in which the main one is power production and sale over the franchise area of 13 coastal and highland provinces and city of Central Vietnam. EVNCPC was officially founded in accordance with the decision No. 739/QĐ-BCT dated 5th February 2010 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade based on the conversion of the opearation model of former Power Company No. 3 and the receipt of right of representation in state capital owner of EVN in Danang Power One Member Limited Company and Khanh Hoa Power Joint Stock Company, operated according to mother company – subsidiaries form.

For the past 37 years, EVNCPC has strongly developped. At the beginning, the assets of EVNCPC were obsolete diesel units with total working capacity of few dozen MW; the power networks were scattered, the highest voltage level was 15kV, concentrating on urban areas; the power energy supplied to the whole area was less than 100 milllion kWh. Up to early 2013, the capacity of power energy supplied to the whole area was approximately 1,785 MW, the power system up to 110kV level has reached rural areas with 100% of districts, 99.5% of communes, 97.85% of households electrified with more than 03 million households. Power sale of 2011 reached 9.1 billion kWh, the one of 2012 reached 10.3 billion kWh and the one of 2013 was estimated at 11.6 billion kWh, reaching annual growth speed of over 12%. On the purpose of reducing power losses, EVNCPC has performed several power network rehabilitation and upgrading projects for cities & towns using its own budget and loans from international organizations including WB, ADB, Sida, KfW etc...

At the industrial and economical zones, EVNCPC has invested the power distribution system both to sell power directly to the factories and reduce the burden of the investors, attracting more investment and bringing directly proficiency for EVNCPC. For rural and mountainous areas, EVNCPC has been developing several power development projects from different financing sources as local source, financing of the WB, EDF, ADB, JBIC… aiming at economical development, improving the living standards of peoples. Especially since 2007, EVNCPC has actively developped the project to supply power to unelectrified villages and hamlets of Highland provinces. Fully aware that this is an important project of great significance, being the present of the Communist Party and Government to the peoples of Highland provinces, aiming at creating a moving step to the areas and regions which have not had power for ages, contributing to upgrade the infrastructure conditions, significantly improving the lives of rural peoples in Highland villages and hamlets, EVNCPC has instructed deeply the units to concentrate on project implementation, supply power to 852 villages and hamlets, 62.646 ethnic households of Hihgland provinces. This is Group A project covering 43 districts and towns. This has been appraised as a quickly performed project, meeting the majority of schedule approved by the Prime Minister of the Government.

With the policy of pushing the economic development and the island waters defense, observing the guidance of EVN, EVNCPC is currently implementing the project of power supply to Ly Son – Quang Ngai island district by underground cables with the scale of 26 km of underground cables, 11 km of overhead lines and total investment approximately of 700 billion VND, estimated to complete in year of 2014. This project is a very important sense, stabilizing the power supply from the national power network to serve island residents, motivating development, maximizing the potential of Ly Son island district as well as contributing to the defense capacity, keeping steady maritime sovereignty of country.

In recent years, observing the policy of diversifying fields of business of the Communist Party and Government, EVNCPC has quickly enhanced the activities of investing and buiding the hydropower plants to increase the efficiency of operation, ensuring jobs, improving live conditions of the employees. EVNCPC has successfully built and put into operation 09 hydropower plants with total capacity of 340MW, the annually emitted energy production was more than 1.4 billion kWh. Currently it is under construction of another 03 hydropower plants with installed capacity of 27 MW.

EVNCPC also has bases of manufacturing electronic meters, software technology for remote metering and implementing informatic services, management softwares, electronic circuit boards, survey consultancy services, design, testing, repair, manufacturing, machining, procurement and transport of specialized electrical materials; building and installation of power projects ………. bringing significant effects.

EVNCPC currently has good staff of managers, skillfull, responsible and hard working employees with total number of 12,000 persons approximately.

With extremely excellent achievements, having widespread and positive impacts on econimic development, national security, people’s life in the area, EVNCPC was acknowledged by the Government through the grant of the 3rd ranked independence Medal (2000), the noble title “Labour Hero in innovation period” (2004), 2nd ranked independende Medal (2007). EVNCPC is also one of the leading companies in the annual propaganda of Labour Emulation called by EVN, MOIT; being granted with several Excellent Emulation Flags and noble prizes by the Government, MOIT, EVN and local People’s Commitees.

With the efforts of whohe leaders, employees of EVNCPC; the leadership, the direction and the support by MOIT, EVN; the active support from the provincial authorities; EVNCPC determine to try their best for well fulfilling the assigned tasks ensuring the power supply in areas, improving customer services and actively contributing to the socio-economical development of the regions and in the enterprise communities in Central and Highlands areas.

EVNCPC is willing to cooperate with all partners for the purpose of mutual development and benefits.


1. Legal Form

Central Power Corporation Contact Center was officially founded in accordance with the decision No.3961 dated 6th December 2015 by the General director of Central Power Corporation.

Central Power Corporation Contact Center is a dependent accounting unit of the Central Power Corporation, operates as a subsidiary of the Corporation under the provisions of the Enterprise Law, the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

2. Trading name and headquarters

  • International business name : Central Power Corporation Contact Center
  • English abbreviation: EVNCPC.CC
  • Address of the headquarters: 4th floor, 393 Trung Nu Vuong street, Hai Chau district, Da Nang City
  • Hotline: 1900 1909
  • Website:
  • Email:
Work view

Work view

3. The organization model

- 01 Deputy Director in charge of the Contact Center operation: Mr Le Van Tuong
- 03 Divisions:
  • Customer care division: Quality control and managing, training the telephonists
  • Technical division: Administrating the equipments, ICT infrastructure and telecomunication.
  • General division: Performing auxiliary functions for Contact Center
The organization model

4. Functions and duties

  • Be the focused clue of implementing the customer care service of the Central Power Corporation.
  • Implement the customer care regulations, guidelines and policies of the Vietnam Electricity and the Central Power Corporation.
  • Give customers a fast and convenient channel to approach the services of the Power Companies.
  • Proactively provide customer care services to the customers and bring the satisfaction to them
  • Monitor the quality of customer care services at the Power Companies.
  • Continuously improve and enhance the quality of EVNCPC customers services.

5. Business lines

  • Customer Care Service for those using electricity.
  • Consulting Service for the development of customers and the use of electricity, guide procedures, answer customer questions, assess customer satisfaction; provide information on electricity and other fields to customers;
  • Make transaction and associate information with partners and other relevant units in the field of customer care;
  • Aggregate and analyze data on call traffic, the service proportion and periodical productivity; thereby developing customer care in other fields;
  • Customer care services in other fields;
  • Training in the field of customer care;
  • Other business lines are authorized or additional by EVNCPC to operate under the provisions of the current law.

6. Size

  • Number of served customers: 3.4 million customers in the area of 13 provinces in the Central and Western Highlands.
  • The communication channels that customers can connect to the Center are: phone, SMS, email, web, chat.
  • Work mode: 24/7
  • Number of the staff: 42 persons