The Contact Center of Central Power Corporation (CPC CC) summarized tasks in 2015
Updated on 02/01/2016

On 20th January 2016, the Contact Center held a Conference to summarize the tasks in 2015 and recommend the missions for the year 2016 and 2016 Labour Conference as well. It is the great pleasure to have the attendance of Mr. Pham Sy Hung, Deputy General Director of EVNCPC, Ms. Nguyen Hoang Lan Huong, member of the Executive Committee of Labour Union of EVNCPC and the representatives from other departments of EVNCPC. Mr Le Van Tuong, Secretary of Party cell and Vice Director of CPC Contact Center presided the Conference.

Mr. Pham Sy Hung, Deputy General Director of EVNCPC awarded EVN Certificate of Merit to Mr. Dang Quoc Vien, Head of Technical Department and EVNCPC Certificate of Merit to CPC Contact Center.

At the conference, a report to summarize the tasks in 2015 and suggest missions as well as objectives in the coming year was presented. According to statistics, there were totally 125099 customer calls including 8872 calls answered by interactive voice response (IVR system) and 116227 calls directly supported by telephonists via switchboard number 19001909 during 2015. Besides, switchboard got hundreds of customer inquiries in the form of SMS, email and website In terms of technology, the Contact Center ensured a stable and continuing system of the servers, switchboard and wide area network (WAN system) immediately connecting to 13 power companies and 129 power branches. Concurrently, the Contact Center closely cooperated with CPC IT to upgrade website for the better usability and customers’ information security. Especially, in December 2015- Month of Customer Gratitude ,various interesting activities were celebrated such as surveying the customers’ satisfaction by making the calls out, sending 161442 emails and 260 messages to express gratitude to customers. Another outstanding activity in this month was ‘ Lucky call-19001909’ for the purpose of choosing 3 fortunate customers in the Central and Highlands Regions randomly to get appealing awards.

On the foundation of achievements in 2015, the Contact Center’s objective in 2016 is that about 80-90% of customers in the Central and Highlands Regions will know more about the Contact Center and switchboard number 19001909 as well . Furthermore, the Contact Center will strive to ensure technologies and infrastructure so as to meet the customers’ expectations.

At the Conference, Mr. Pham Sy Hung, Deputy General Director of EVNCPC recognized and praised results which the Contact Center achieved in 2015. In addition, he also claimed that the Contact Center has to improve on regulations related to its activities, widen knowledge of the telephonists so that the Contact Center would be a reliable address for customers in 13 provinces and cities in the Central and Highlands Regions.

On this occasion, the Center gave awards to the teams and individuals for their contribution and notable achievements in 2015.

On the occasion of Lunar New Year 2016, on behalf of the leaders of EVNCPC, Mr. Pham Sy Hung and Ms. Nguyen Hoang Lan Huong also gave a gift and wished all the staff a new year of good health, great happiness and lots of luck.

Mr Le Van Tuong, Vice Director of CPC Contact Center awarded CPC CC Certificates of Merit to individuals for their notable achievements in 2015.

Ngoc Quyen

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