EVNCPC: Ensure the best supply of electricity in the Lunar New Year
Updated on 02/01/2016

To ensure the best supply of electricity in the Lunar New Year (the year of the Monkey), Central Power Corporation (abbreviated as EVNCPC) has already prepared plans for a stable, safe and continuous power supply to serve social security and social actions, culture and recreation activities of people in Central and Highlands areas.

EVNCPC tests and consolidates the power grid, ensures the quality of electricity supply for Lunar New Year

Up to now , the units of the Corporation is quickly checking and consolidating the electricity grid to ensure adequate power supply; prioritize for granting power to new customers to meet the electricity use demand during Tet. Accordingly, the units maintain electrical substation, insulate power line, make an overload protection of power lines, transformer, circuit breaker; … to handle timely and prevent tree fall on power lines.

EVNCPC has asked its units to prepare and ready materials, equipment , communication systems, transportation to solve the electrical damage and emergency. Starting from 12 midnight on 06 February, 2016 (ie December 28th on the Lunar Calender) to the end of 10 February 2016 (ie the Third day in Lunar New Year), the operation management units do not stop or reduce the supply of electricity to customers; except emergency or special cases under the guidance of the Vietnam Electricity.

Besides, the 13 electric membership corporations and Central Grid Company also collaborated closely with local authorities to review and prioritize providing electricity to important places such as leadership institution, broadcasting and television station, hospitals, water plants, places where social, cultural activities took place to welcome the New Year, factories preparing products for Tet holiday, …

Besides, the units of power in the locality Central-Highland also cooperated closely with the authorities, the police, local army to build and deploy security plan prevent firing for electricity works, agencies and storages depot; propagating prevent a lot of cases people shooting fireworks metal coated paper, released balloons and throwing other things on the wire ...the operation threaten electric system and the cause electrical problems.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, EVNCPC requires all member of units held directly on leadership enhancement, electrical repair 24/24h. Particularly at Central Power Corporation, the leaders Corporation and experts from Technical Committee, Safety Committee will directly monitor the operation, power supply, safety...to have the direction, handling situations occur immeditely..

Mr. Nguyen Thanh–Vice Director of Central Power Corporation said: "In the New Year, the additional charge on the locality Central - Highlands will be lower than usual because most of electrical material of industrial stopped producing. Specifically, total maximum capacity of about 1.998MW in New Year’s Eve; The average yield is about 35.5 million kWh / day, to reduce 15% to asual days. Depending on weather conditions, to anticipte all small and medium hydropower will emit maximum at rush hour of about 760MW. In addition, to ensure safety, security and order during Tet, Central Power Corporation had to grasp all staffs thoroughly to enhance work discipline, to consciously abide safety at work, prevently firing, traffic Safety; prohibits drinking, beer, gambling, leaving the position in their duties.

Which the efforts of the Corporation Central Power to provide sufficient power to serve the people to enjoy fully the happiness, every citizen and electricity customers should uphold the spirit, the sense of using electricity safely, economically and efficiently; avoid the problem of electricity in the Lunar New Year.

Le Hai

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