EVNCPC Data Center
Updated on 12/25/2015

On 30 November 2015, Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) completed the construction of Data Center after 4 months of the procurement of materials, equipment, construction as well as technology transfer training. The Data Center was founded to serve the manufacturing operations and business management of EVNCPC.

Data center upon completion and putting into operation

Data Center is the integrated center of all the leading technologies for networks, servers, storage, security etc.., operating on platform virtualization; sufficient management systems such as access control system, security camera system, environmental monitoring system, leakage detection system. EVNCPC Data Center will operate in accordance with ITIL standards and was built in compliance with international standards TIER 2 on construction of Data Center.

In addition, the entire infrastructure equipment system, IT applications, database of the Contact Center of Central Power Corporation (CPCCC) have been integrated and officially operated in the EVNCPC Data Center. From 30 November 2015, all users in the EVNCPC head-quarters and the subsiadiaries in Da Nang city start using resources and applications running on the Data Center in their daily work.

The first phase of the project was completed and with this modern IT infrastructure system, EVNCPC believes it will better meet the customers’ requirements and provide the core IT infrastructure for the implementation of the smart grid roadmap of EVNCPC.

EVNCPC Data Center will be officially launched on 21 December 2015, as an significant operation to celebrate the foundation date of Power Sector of Vietnam.

Source: Phuong Hoa (www.cpc.vn)

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