The lighted windows
Updated on 02/18/2016

Over 23 o’clock on the last day of the year 2015, one of my friends asked me:“Why did your 3rd floor office within still have their lights on at night?

No matter if it is morning or night, workday or holiday, the office lightings of CPC Contact Center are always lighted

Accept change

Since receiving a job offer by Contact Center of EVNCPC, I and my colleague had to accept the fact that our working hours is never be fixed as other jobs before. Accepting work in shifts means that we have to change living habits: eating, entertainment and resting. Because services sector has its own requirements, it requires employees to have high compliance as well as the ability to be under pressure. Working in shifts 24/7 meets customer satisfaction and maximum support customers who use electricity in 13 provinces located in Middle and Central Highlands of Viet Nam. Therefore, when we entered EVNCPC, it is the time 3rd-floor windows of the building are always lighted regardless of day and night, rain or storms or workday or holidays, Tet.

Deal with customer's emotions

At Contact Center, operators are the first people who work with customers by phone so communicative behavior of employees in this department are focused very carefully. We are trained to have not only expressive voices, but also problem solving skills to take on well the work that seems simple but very pressure.

Mrs. Duong Thi Phuong Chi - Head of customer care department, said: "Supporting to customers by phone is the work that requires not only specialize knowledge but also situation solving skills, patience and passion for this job. Every day, the operators must receive from 1,500-2,000 calls from customers with many different emotions. Even, sometimes wholly wrong from customers, but the operators have to control their own emotions, always have a soft and wise way to solve problems for customers. Fatigue and stress are inevitable in every shift, so I always create a fun working atmosphere, always share and give timely assistance when there are difficult situations and hope to keep the flame of love in every operator with their job forever."

Constantly refreshed and innovative

With a team of young and enthusiastic people, Contact Center encourages creativity to keep the work fresh and help their mind being developed constantly. Because just operators are the first people who listen to customers’ reflection, they can understand the shortcomings which make difficult for both customers and electricians. So the idea of innovation has always been nurtured and suggested after each regular meeting of the Contact Center, such as: improving the CRM system, integrating more convenient application for the coordination between the Contact Center and local Power Company; communicating the phone number to each household, holding the “lucky call program” in order to gratitude to customers; designing an ad clip for Contact Center. Creativity in the service sector helped to create a new way to serve customers better as well as establish a more efficient process, which helps increase office productivity, takes no time in managing and operating.

Decorate the office colorfully

Inside the lighted windows on 3rd floor seem "machinery", there is a cute creation of the working atmosphere. Because of this work, the operator must "sacrifice" of the holidays to serve customers at any time. Starting this year, insiders must celebrate Tet and holidays in ... office. So, when the holidays are coming, staffs get very creative together by office decoration to help atmosphere more excited. These things, though small, but they are also the motivation to help people work more efficiently.

Even though there are lots of difficulties at work, almost operators of EVNCPC are very keen on every shift .We know that we are contributing practical actions to build a good image for EVNCPC. In addition, Contact Center always takes place emulating campaigns in work with the prizes to encourage the staff who have outstanding achievements, that really makes us to believe in youthful and professional working environment.

Vietnam has become a member of the AEC - ASEAN Economic Community, the Ministry of Industry & Trade (MOIT) has also detailed design wholesale electricity market, expected to officially operate in 2020. Therefore EVNCPC has been prepared for new challenges with greater competitive pressure. This means from now the Contact Center must start "be awake, asleep" as the other ones in the area to server electrical users with a wider range.

In New year's Eve, people seem non-sleeping. The lighted windows of the Contact Center office are the first signal of "the lighted year," .A year that we act upon the electricity demand of customer changes each day.

Hoai Han

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